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An application that allows professionals the ability to record their out of pocket expenses as they incur them, freeing up time from their ever busy schedules. The application allows the capture of expense details along with photographs of receipts. Through the use of GPS functionality, it also records car journey details and automatically calculates the journey distance. All the expenses are then emailed to a chosen recipient along with the associated receipt images.

Key Features:

-Configurable projects and expense categories.

-Configurable currency ($,£,€) and distance (Miles, Km)

-Entering and viewing of expenses by date and project.

玩商業App|Expenses by Kimble免費|APP試玩

-Adding of attendees to expense events (e.g. Meal) from your Google contacts.

-Recording of car journey details using GPS functionality.

-Able to store favourite journey start and end locations.

玩商業App|Expenses by Kimble免費|APP試玩

-Capturing expense receipt images using your Android device's camera.

-Email details of expenses (including receipt images) to chosen receipient.

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