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FPV Booster (Vision+ Wi-Fi Booster) improves Wi-Fi video connection (FPV, First Personal View) performance for DJI Phantom 2 Vision+. It boosts additional 50%-100% FPV range by a single click.

Please read FAQ below carefully prior purchase.

How it works:

1. Turn on both Phantom 2 Vision+ aircraft and range extender, and connect your Android device to Wi-Fi network as usual.

2. Open FPV Booster app, tap “Boost up!” button. The app connects to Vision+ aircraft through the Wi-Fi network, then it boosts up Wi-Fi power and applies tweaks to the aircraft. It will display a message "Your Vision+ is boosted up".

3. Open DJI VISION app, and Happy Flying.

Note: Every time when you power cycle Vision+ aircraft or range extender, you need to run FPV Booster app to take effect.

WARNING: FPV Booster is ONLY compatible with DJI Phantom 2 Vision+ (Plus). Running the app on other incompatible platforms (including original Phantom 2 Vision) may encounter unexpected results.


Q1. Why do I get "Control Signal Lost" message about the same range even after boosted?

FPV Booster only boosts 2.4G Wi-Fi video/telemetry connection (FPV) while Control Signal Lost is due to 5.8G control link dropped.

Q2. Does it consume more battery power to shorten flight time or generate extra heat to damage the circuit?

玩生活App|FPV Booster免費|APP試玩

A2. It consumes VERY little extra power and generate NO extra heat. It's estimated shortening less than 10 seconds of flight time out of 25 minutes.

Q3. How to test it working?

A3. Fly your Vision+ WITHOUT turning on the booster (as a reference) to your favorite flight path until Wi-Fi video dropped. Fly back your Vision+ and run the FPV Booster app, then fly again the same flight path with the same Preview Quality for apple-to-apple comparison. You may need to fly higher altitude for longer range in order to maintain line-of-sight. It may fly out of your 5.8G control range and trigger RTH.

Q4. What should I do if I could not achieve expected FPV result?

A4. You may email us "

[email protected]

" with the following information for troubleshooting.

- What platform (iOS/Android) and version (indicated at upper right hand corner) of FPV Booster are you using?

- What is the FPV range, Altitude and Preview Quality BEFORE boosted when you think reaching the limit? If the FPV range (before boosted) is significantly shorter than DJI's specification, it might be hardware/software issues of DJI products. FPV Booster is unable to address the hardware/software issues.

- What is the FPV range, Altitude and Preview Quality AFTER boosted when you think reaching the limit?

- What message do you see on DJI VISION app, such as “Phantom Connection Broken” or “Control Signal Lost”?

玩生活App|FPV Booster免費|APP試玩

- Do you fly behind trees, buildings or any obstacle? Are you able to maintain line-of-sight between you and your aircraft?

玩生活App|FPV Booster免費|APP試玩

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