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玩運動App|Fairbanks Arctic Winter Games免費|APP試玩

Download the first ever Arctic Winter Games mobile app!

Access sport, cultural and event schedules for the Fairbanks 2014 Arctic Winter Games, taking place March 15-22 in Fairbanks, AK. Access venue and bus route maps, as well as a Google map to “pin” your location. During Gamesweek, results from sport competitions will be posted within minutes of verification; a great feature of the AWG mobile app!

For spectators, visitor information, including listings of local restaurants and attractions is available. Learn more about the Fairbanks 2014 Arctic Winter Games by accessing information on the 9 competing contingents and 20 sports. Find out about the many sponsors that contributed to making the Games happen.

玩運動App|Fairbanks Arctic Winter Games免費|APP試玩

Share AWG 2014 status updates to your Facebook and Twitter account and photos to your Facebook directly from the app; view AWG 2014 photos and videos on Instagram and YouTube – all directly from within the AWG 2014 app. Win prizes by playing in-app games like AWG 2014 Trivia and Scavenger Hunt.

This FREE must-have app will enhance your AWG 2014 experience!


玩運動App|Fairbanks Arctic Winter Games免費|APP試玩

• Social Media Access – Share your status and photos immediately with your friends.

• Videos and Photos – See the latest videos from the AWG YouTube account and what people are posting through the #awg2014 Instagram hashtag.

• News – Get the inside scoop on all-things-AWG before and during the Games with the latest social feeds from the AWG Facebook and Twitter accounts.

• Schedules – Figure out what’s going on when. Use this feature to help plan out which sporting events you’ll want to see.

• Visitor Info and Maps – Find your way around the sport and cultural venues, find parking, access the bus schedule and learn about visitor services for AWG spectators, participants and guests. Use this feature to help plan your visit to Fairbanks.

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玩運動App|Fairbanks Arctic Winter Games免費|APP試玩

玩運動App|Fairbanks Arctic Winter Games免費|APP試玩

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