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玩攝影App|Fairy Tale Photo Frames免費|APP試玩

Fairy Tale Photo Frames helps you to apply beautiful photo frames for decorating beautiful photos and share with family and friends.

With 64 fully adjustable frames supporting and very easy to use,just select a photo and move it to any position,you can also edit your photos with different effects each time is easier, better and gives a new look to all profile.Make cute photo with lovely and pretty decorations. Send amazingly framed photos to your loved one!


- Tens of featured frames for fairy tale.

- high resolution photo frames are enabled

- Easy save and share

玩攝影App|Fairy Tale Photo Frames免費|APP試玩

- Apply color effects to your photo.

- Grey to color transition

- Save your effected photos.

- Slide left or right

How to Use:

- Select a photo from your photo library,Facebook,Instagram,Flickr or take a photo by camera.

- Select a frame you like

玩攝影App|Fairy Tale Photo Frames免費|APP試玩

- Adjust position,size,angle of your photo to the best.

- Save the photo,share by email,and post to Twitter,Facebook

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