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玩街機App|Falling Panda免費|APP試玩

What you have to do in this game is landing. You need to find a way to fall. The operation of this game is easy. You only need to control the bouncing panda to go left and right to avoid all the stuffs that can let you fail. Also, you need to collect stars from the game to unlock higher levels.

Download Falling Panda and enjoy the challenge!

玩街機App|Falling Panda免費|APP試玩


- Innovative bouncing ball falling style gameplay

玩街機App|Falling Panda免費|APP試玩

- Easy control - just left and right

- 36 levels to beat

玩街機App|Falling Panda免費|APP試玩

- Nice and cute graphics

- Challenging gameplay

** More levels are coming soon!!! **

玩街機App|Falling Panda免費|APP試玩

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