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玩商業App|Fang Fong Projects免費|APP試玩

香港時裝設計師 LaiFan Wu 創立本地品牌,簡潔及復古時裝,並加入潮流元素,滿足愛特別又要追上潮流的你

Fang Fong is a vintage-modern coexist concept mainly using stock and vintage fabric to create contemporary styles. Since inception in late 2006, Fang Fong become one of the famous store for "Stock Fabrics Fashion!". Fang Fong aims to introduce beautiful vintage style into our daily lives. Like "girls should keep a six panels dress into their wardrobe"..or "you never miss a tulle skirt!"

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玩商業App|Fang Fong Projects免費|APP試玩

玩商業App|Fang Fong Projects免費|APP試玩

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