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Fat Rat is an intense rat-rolling race to see who can collect the most cheese! Who's in your rat pack?

The story…

It’s a hard life for most back alley rats. Not for our boy Blue though. Nope, he’s got a prime piece of real estate atop a barrel next to the best café in town. The café chefs feed Blue all the gourmet cheese he can eat!

On this night though things are different. A new gang of rats has rolled up on Blue’s barrel and they’re starving for Blue’s pile of delectable cheeses. Now the race is on to get as much cheese as possible before the other rats scarf it all down.

Cheesy we know…


- Entertainment for the whole Family

- Wi-Fi Multiplayer for up to 4 Friends!

- Cuddly Characters

玩街機App|Fat Rat SD免費|APP試玩

- 3D Graphics and Interactive Backdrops

- Zany Powerups with more on the way

- Single Player Challenges

玩街機App|Fat Rat SD免費|APP試玩

- Fast Physics and Networking

- Cross Platform Competition (Android vs. iOS)

More to come...

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