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Find My Droid: Locate your phone or other phones with the app, by sending the phrase “Find my droid” to the missing phone. An automatic SMS with a google maps URL pinpointing the exact location of the phone is sent back.

This app is a free service that uses the SMS Manager to find a misplaced phone. It involves using the lost or misplaced current and active SIM number (phone number) by sending a unique message; “Find my droid” to the number of the misplaced phone from any other phone with a good internet connection. The former; the misplaced phone on receiving this unique message sends back the coordinates of its location with a URL to the latter; the phone that sent the unique word. You click on the URL and it opens a map showing the exact location of the misplaced phone.

Find My Droid Features:

• Runs in the background

• No user interface

玩工具App|Find My Droid免費|APP試玩

• User-friendly

• With a better data connection, one can find the exact location of the misplaced phone.

• Easy installation

玩工具App|Find My Droid免費|APP試玩

*Data charges apply.

* Internet connection required.

玩工具App|Find My Droid免費|APP試玩

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