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玩工具App|Flashlight Compass SOS (Free)免費|APP試玩

Flashlight and classic compass together in a super complete and useful app, battery efficient, and totally free.

Improve your smartphone with this useful and practical, tool really essential.

This app has dual flashlight (camera led flash or screen light), is capable of emitting a SOS flash signal with a simple button click, and add a practical classic compass to easily get orientation.

玩工具App|Flashlight Compass SOS (Free)免費|APP試玩

And to avoid trip over while we are looking at the compass, this app has an original “camera view background” system that allows you to walk safely without taking your eyes off the screen.

The interface is very intuitive and simple. Everything is at hand and with quick and easy access.


玩工具App|Flashlight Compass SOS (Free)免費|APP試玩

- You can use the flashligh screen and the compass in smarphones without flash-led (flashlight led will be obviously disabled).

- You can use the flashlight led, the SOS signal and the flashlight screen in smartphones without magnetic sensor (compass will be obviously disabled).


玩工具App|Flashlight Compass SOS (Free)免費|APP試玩

- SUPERBRILLIANT FLASHLIGHT LED: Use the flash-led to emit a superbrilliant light that transform your smartphone in a useful flashlight.

- SCREEN FLASHLIGHT: Use the smartphone device to create an ambient light, less disturbing for sleeping persons, which you can easily modify in color and brightness.

You can graduate the brightness sliding vertically. To select the background color just click on the color palette and chose the desired color by clicking on it directly or sliding over the palette. All very easy and intuitive.

玩工具App|Flashlight Compass SOS (Free)免費|APP試玩

- CAMERA BACKGROUND: Is the most original utility, being this app one of the few, if not the only one, that has it. Change the metallic grey background by the camera view to avoid that we can trip over when we are looking to the screen while walking.

- S.O.S. SIGNAL: Use the flash-led to emit the universal help SOS signal in morse code.

- SOUND BUTTON: Set the clicks sound of the app on/off.

玩工具App|Flashlight Compass SOS (Free)免費|APP試玩

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