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Flickr Genie is a simple and intuitive Flickr browsing and bulk uploading tool and is completely Ad Free.

With Flickr Genie you can search photos, people and tags for ones you are interested in.

When you are logged in you can upload multiple photos at a time to your Flickr account adding them to your existing sets or creating a new set. You can also then change your photos description and delete them if you want.

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If you log in you will also be able to see all your favourites and photos.

Press the "Photo" icon to change between Photos, People, Tags, Favourites and Your Photos.

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See peoples' and your own photo sets.

Put in a search term and click on the Search icon to search. A list of matching photos will be returned as a list of thumbnails.

Click on the thumbnail to bring up a big version of the photo.

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From here you can

- see comments

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- make it a favourite

- add your own comment

- move forward or back to the next photo

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- if allowed by the user you will also be able to save the photo to your SD card download folder.

From the Cog icon you can sign into your Flickr account.

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You will be taken to the Flickr web site to authorise Findr, then switch back to Flickr Genie to confirm that it has been authorised.

Once logged in you will be able to use favourites and add comments.

Please note that this app runs on Adobe AIR. If you have not already got AIR installed you will be prompted to install it for free as part of downloading Flickr Genie.

玩攝影App|Flickr Genie免費|APP試玩

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