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玩益智App|Floppy Bird Game FREE免費|APP試玩

The Floppy Bird game everybody is talking about!

玩益智App|Floppy Bird Game FREE免費|APP試玩

Get it NOW before it is too late...

玩益智App|Floppy Bird Game FREE免費|APP試玩

- Tap to flap the birds wings and fly

玩益智App|Floppy Bird Game FREE免費|APP試玩

- Dodge the pipes

玩益智App|Floppy Bird Game FREE免費|APP試玩

- Beat your High Score

玩益智App|Floppy Bird Game FREE免費|APP試玩


玩益智App|Floppy Bird Game FREE免費|APP試玩

- Great Flying Game play

玩益智App|Floppy Bird Game FREE免費|APP試玩

- Catchy Bird Sounds

玩益智App|Floppy Bird Game FREE免費|APP試玩

- Simple Flap Controls

Get this game Now... before it is too late!

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