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Based on the original SaucerKnurd for iPhone, this app provides features unavailable elsewhere with a stylish and user-friendly design every Beerknurd or Beer Goddess will love.

Tired of having to leave the table to check the Just Landed board? Now see the newest landings from your phone!

Decide what beers you want to drink before you even leave the house! Use a Quicklist to save them for immediate retrieval once you get to the Flying Saucer!

Rate your beers and leave comments as you taste them. When you get your plate, the comments and ratings will be there to help you get your next one!

Local Beer Sundays have never been easier. With a touch SaucerKnurd will show you exactly which local beers are currently available!

Get notifications when new beers land when new beers are counted as tasted. Notifications are completely configurable.

Membership in the UFO Club is not required!

Every Flying Saucer Beerknurd should have this app!




Just Landed

玩生活App|Flying Saucer UFO Club免費|APP試玩

Local Beers

Event Calendar

Twitter Feed

Random Beer Chooser

玩生活App|Flying Saucer UFO Club免費|APP試玩

Sorting and Searching

Multiple User/Card Support

Comment on Beers

Rate Beers

玩生活App|Flying Saucer UFO Club免費|APP試玩

Beer Ratings of other UFO Club members

Profile Management

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1.5 - Landscape support, expanded sorting, notifications, and more.

1.4 - Background updating, faster loading, beer sharing

1.3 - Connection and update enhancements.

玩生活App|Flying Saucer UFO Club免費|APP試玩

1.2 - ICS support, Local Beers, Event Calendar, Twitter Feed

1.1 - Randomizer feature

1.0 - Initial release.

玩生活App|Flying Saucer UFO Club免費|APP試玩

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