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Download Forsan catalogue to know our products for tiling and bath ware solutions.

Let’s take a visit through Forsan range of product collects

Al Forsan is an emerging global ceramics manufacturing company offers contemporary range of tiles and sanitaryware collections. The company is joint venture of AL ESSAYI GROUP and Dr. KHATER MASSAAD.

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Al Forsan Global Industrial Complex is comprised of three large scale tile and sanitary ware manufacturing factories that are expected to position the Company as the third largest tile and sanitary ware manufacturer in the KSA.

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Al Forsan’s factories include ceramic, porcelain, and sanitary ware facilities located in King Abdullah’s Economic City in Rabigh (near Jeddah) across an area of 1.5 km2. The ceramic tile production factory has a total capacity of 12.0 m sq.m per year followed by the porcelain production facility at 8.0 m sq.m and the sanitary ware production factory with an annual capacity of 1.5 m pieces. The factory utilizes state of the art machinery sourced from Italy, to ensure optimum production efficiency and high end product quality.

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The company offers wide range of high quality tiles for interior, exterior, wall and floor areas along complete bath ware products for both commercial and residential sectors.

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Download Forsan catalogues to know our products for tiling and bath ware solutions.

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