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Bowling Lessons : Wish you could bowl a perfect game -- or at least not land in the gutter so much? In these videos professional bowling instrutor Mike D'Ambrosio a former PBA touring player shows you how to improve your footwork your approach your timing and many other aspects of your game. Check them out before you head to the bowling alley.

1) How to Hit a Split

2) How to Choose a Bowling Ball

3) How to Be Fitted for a Bowling Ball

4) What Are Bowling Ball Finger Inserts?

5) How to Pick Bowling Shoes

6) How to Pick a Bowling Glove

7) How to Use Bowling Tape

8) How to Pick the Right Coverstock

9) Bowling Ball Drilling Layouts

10) How to Grip a Bowling Ball

11) How to Determine Your Bowling Style

12) How to Improve Your Release

13) How to Create Rotation on the Ball

14) How to Increase Ball Speed

15) How to Follow Bowling Etiquette

16) How to Mentally Prepare for a Tournament

17) What Makes a Good Bowler?

玩健康App|Free Bowling Lessons免費|APP試玩

18) How to Improve Your Footwork

19) How to Improve Your Approach

20) How to Improve Your Timing

21) How to Have Good Follow-Through

22) How to Improve Your Push Away

23) How to Have a Good Finish Position

24) How to Create Leverage

25) How to Align Your Body to Your Target

26) How to Use Target Arrows & Dots

27) How to Troubleshoot Bad Aim

28) How to Bowl Spares / Cover Spares

29) How to Shoot a 10 Pin / Bowl a Strike

30) How to Find Your Stance

31) How to Keep Your Ball Out of the Gutter

32) How to Deal with Changing Lane Conditions

33) How to Bowl with Mike D'Ambrosio



玩健康App|Free Bowling Lessons免費|APP試玩


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