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玩工具App|Free Wifi Connect免費|APP試玩

Hacker Prank WIFI is a joke application. He claims not secured wireless network hacking.

玩工具App|Free Wifi Connect免費|APP試玩

You can use it to trick your friends that you can hack their private wireless network.

玩工具App|Free Wifi Connect免費|APP試玩

Just run this application in their home and choose their wireless network name. Wrong password will be displayed, but they will think you just break their network! and connect with laptop

玩工具App|Free Wifi Connect免費|APP試玩

We remind you that this app was made just for fun and it will not make a real piracy. This is only a simulation, then that all passwords are randomly generated and false!!!

玩工具App|Free Wifi Connect免費|APP試玩

* manage your WiFi connections

玩工具App|Free Wifi Connect免費|APP試玩

- Find, connect and manage WiFi networks around you.

玩工具App|Free Wifi Connect免費|APP試玩


玩工具App|Free Wifi Connect免費|APP試玩

- Find the best wifi connect without password.

玩工具App|Free Wifi Connect免費|APP試玩

* Monitor Connections!

- Measure your WiFi signal strength!!

* SYSTEM INFO connect software ...

- useful information about your Android phone and connect without password.

* Network TOOLS to connect with laptop

- Useful tools like ping, connect software dig, YES research, etc ...

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不限時間玩Free Wifi Connect App免費

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