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Frequency Meter PRO is a comprehensive tool for audio frequency diagnostics. Includes REAL TIME scanning of audio signal from internal or external microphone.

*** OUTPUT ***

Visualization is done on real like device that shows:

- Audio level

- Noise Level

- Current frequency

- Frequency oscilloscope

- Time to Frequency chart

玩工具App|Frequency Meter PRO免費|APP試玩

*** ACCURACY ***

Application is calibrated with real tone generator. Internal microphone limit is around 1800 Hz, but under this frequency accuracy is very respectable +/- 0.5 Hz.


You can easily set a limit that removes noise treshold with included trackbar.

*** EXPORT ***

You can export TTF chart to comma-separated file that you can later analyze with MS Excel or other table processor. Application has file directory browser with Save and Overwrite feature.

*** SUPPORT***

Please don't hesitate to write us for details or questions:

[email protected]

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