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Complete your expense reconciliation in seconds. GEMS Pro gives its users the ability to reconcile your expenses in seconds. We have automated the process to capture your receipts and automate the reconciliation to your cards as you transact.

GEMS Pro improves cash flow and reduce manual reconciliation by delivering a solution from “Spent to End®”.

GEMS Pro solution powered by the GEMS Cloud (Global Expense Management System) is the perfect solutions to assist you to capture and complete your expenses removing any risk for lost receipts and no longer hours spent each month completing excel spreadsheets. GEMS Pro captures your receipts and reconciles as you transact in as little as three steps.

Users are able to:

• Capture all you expense data as you go never loose a receipt ever again;

• Capture you clients details via you phone with one button upload;

• Match or Reconcile receipts (Tax Invoices) to your bank accounts and or credit card statements that export CSV files;

玩商業App|GEMS Pro免費|APP試玩

• Allow us to auto capture the receipt on your behalf;

• Give the CFO or finance a clear view for what is being spent as you go in a near real-time environment;

• Simply track logbook for all vehicle use;

玩商業App|GEMS Pro免費|APP試玩

• Multiple devices and all synced via the GEMS Cloud.

To reconcile the receipts, the user simply exports the files either in CSV and or JPG format to a nominated email address as a .zip file.

This application is a “must have” for any business user looking to save time and money reconciling their expenses.

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