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玩棋類遊戲App|GO Dice免費|APP試玩

The free game “GO Dice” is the dice game for two players.

Use accelerometer to cast dice in turn with your friend and get the needed score to win the dice game.

Cast precisely, as dice behave very realistic according to the laws of physics - collide, spin, bounce off the table and borders. It is like a real dice, but right on your phone and You can play the dice game anywhere You want.

The dice game for Android had never been as realistic and fascinating as the free “GO Dice” game. Try it right now.

玩棋類遊戲App|GO Dice免費|APP試玩

The “GO Dice” is simplified Craps game or Poker Dice for two players.


• 3D Graphics

• Realistic physics

• Awesome effects

玩棋類遊戲App|GO Dice免費|APP試玩

• Accelerometer controls

• Easy rules, everyone can play the game

Controls: Accelerometer.

Languages: English, Russian.

It's not erotic dice game.

玩棋類遊戲App|GO Dice免費|APP試玩

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