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玩個人化App|GO Keyboard Orange Autumn免費|APP試玩

GO Keyboard Orange Autumn

ThemesHD is proud to present this beautiful theme for GO Keyboard! It features a lovely, high definition design and a custom font is included! Please support us by giving it a rating and review.


Install the app -> Press 'Apply Theme' -> Done

玩個人化App|GO Keyboard Orange Autumn免費|APP試玩


Press and hold on '?123' key -> Advanced Settings -> Font Settings -> Scan -> Wait and then select font theme.

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Orange autumn

玩個人化App|GO Keyboard Orange Autumn免費|APP試玩

GO Keyboard development team designed Autumn Theme for GO Keyboard. Get this cool theme to make your GO Keyboard more lovely and colorful. Coloring up your Go Keyboard is no longer an improvement that is tiresome since Go Keyboard Autumn Theme adds all of the exclusive character without changing the technical performance of your android phone.

The theme brightens up your keyboard by a simple process of downloading and installing an application. Autumn Theme is not a standalone app; you will be required to download the latest version of the GO keyboard app simply to apply the theme. Enjoy the brand new interface of your autumn GO keyboard by installing the app and then selecting ‘Apply Theme'.

The installation process is very easy, first search “GO keyboard.” In order to apply the theme within Go keyboard pro, simply download it from Go keyboard settings, then display the setting and select theme. After the theme display in the tab, click and apply it. The Keys are color-coded according to their intended purpose, thus displays a vivid distinction for all typists, but the striking design takes nothing away from the performance since responsiveness is not only maintained but also enhanced.


玩個人化App|GO Keyboard Orange Autumn免費|APP試玩

The Autumn Go Keyboard Theme is highly effective since it is compatible with devices with android operating system.

The Autumn Go Keyboard Theme app gives users full control, allowing them to customize every corner of their keyboard and add a little decorations to all the elements like pop-up menus such as changing the language or moving to digital mode.

Autumn Go Keyboard Theme At a Glance:

- The Content is Suitable for Users of All age bracket

玩個人化App|GO Keyboard Orange Autumn免費|APP試玩

- The display is beautiful, with HD Design

-You can easily customize its features

The Autumn Theme main interface exhibits relaxed one-touch application of features such as applying the theme, getting more themes, or even rating the app.

玩個人化App|GO Keyboard Orange Autumn免費|APP試玩

GO Keyboard Orange Autumn 線上APP手遊玩免費

不限時間玩GO Keyboard Orange Autumn App免費

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