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Welcome to using GOTV. GOTV allows you to revisit the over 40 years of TVB produced drama programs in full version, quality enhanced, through the Internet or mobile devices.

• Over 10,000 episodes of high-quality TVB programs includes the classic titles, all times favorite titles and latest off-air titles shown on TVB Jade channel;

• Watch your most favorite drama titles produced by TVB through your PC, mobile and tablet

• Quality enhanced videos;

• Enjoy TVB drama titles anywhere, anytime, any device;

• Innovative yet easy to use User Interface;


• Intelligent search that assist the content discovery in most natural way like searching artist name, nickname, cast name and even classic scene;

• Resumed from last play, supporting cross platforms (web and mobiles) and devices;

This iPhone/iPad application is designed and brought to you by Your feedbacks are always welcome at and it would definitely help us to further enhance our service quality.

歡迎使用GOTV 。 GOTV讓你重溫超過40年的TVB製作的戲劇節目,隨時隨地於流動裝置上欣賞優質的,完整的,畫質經過提升的TVB經典劇集;










這個iPhone / iPad的應用程序設計,是由tvb.com帶給您的 。歡迎隨時到forum.tvb.com分享及發表意見,以助我們提升服務質素。


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