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玩旅遊App|GPS Nap Assistant免費|APP試玩

if you're travelling by bus or train, sometimes you want to take a nap. Now you can do it.

Just set longitude or latitude. Set your favorite music mp3, which will wake you at the right moment.

So do not hesitate read Interesting books, sleep if you want while traveling or do any other absorbing activities. Be sure you'll never miss your destination!

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How to use the application.

1. First copy some nice mp3 files into folder called Gpsnapassistant on your sdcard.

玩旅遊App|GPS Nap Assistant免費|APP試玩

2. Choose one's as your alarm with menu button.

3. Now edit task and set longitude or latitude which you going to cross. You should turn gprs because you are using Google Map. Just choose an opportune space, turn on button on the left and touch one more time. Save it.

4. If you are on the bus and want to take some nap - turn on the task. Make sure GPS is on.

Have a nice using it!

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