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Forget where you left your phone. No problem, GPS Phone Locator will find it. Want to find where your loved one is. No problem, GPS Phone Locator will locate your loved one. You do not subscribe to data service. No problem, GPS Phone Locator works with or without data. If you love your phone, you owe it to your phone to install it.

The phone to be located must have GPS Phone Locator installed in it. In order to locate your phone, you need a second phone to find it.

Location tracking is just one of the seven remote control (RC) commands that you can use on this app. You can use GPS Phone Commander to send RC commands. If the "second phone" does not have GPS Phone Commander installed, then you can just send RC commands in plain SMS text messages. These commands as listed below:

1.??gps - Request its gps coordinates which can be entered into Google Map.

2.??call - Request the phone to call you so you can listen in.

3.??beep - Request the phone to beep even if the ringer is off.

4.??lock xxxx - Lock the phone with a specified PIN.

5.??camera - Request the phone to take a picture with the main camera.

6.??flash - Request the phone to take a picture with flash. Useful to locate phone in a dark room.

7.??front - Request the phone to take a picture with the front camera.

Known Issue

1. This app does not work in phones installed with SMS intercepting apps. This app monitors your SMS messages but will not intercept them.

玩通訊App|GPS Phone Locator免費|APP試玩

2.When the phone is in sleep mode, the front camera may not work through remote control. This is a limitation of the Android OS. If there is no response for a photograph function, do not issue another photograph command. You may flush the photograph buffer by issuing a "beep" command.

Installation Instructions

1.Install as instructed by Google Play.

2.For GPS Phone Locator or GPS Phone Locator Trial, start the app. You should see the screen labeled "Activate device administrator". Click "Activate". This will allow this app to lock your phone remotely.

3.No special instructions for GPS Phone Commander.

Uninstallation Instructions

1.Go to System Settings and then Security.

2.Click "Device administrators".

3.Click the tick to the right of GPS Phone Locator or GPS Phone Locator Trial.

4.Click "Deactivate".

5.Click Home and uninstall as you would uninstall any other app.

玩通訊App|GPS Phone Locator免費|APP試玩

Please see the product web page for details.

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