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玩生產應用App|Game Score Keeper免費|APP試玩

Game Score Keeper is a free and intuitive app that allows you to keep and store your games score.

You can track any type of game no mater if

With Game Score Keeper you can:

- save any number of games

玩生產應用App|Game Score Keeper免費|APP試玩

- customize the icon for each player and also have the option to randomize user icon

- randomize the starting order of the players

- load (continue) a saved game

玩生產應用App|Game Score Keeper免費|APP試玩

- keep user order by score

How to use:

Start the app, type (if you want) a name for the new game. Click on add user icon to add a new player in the game. You can type now the user name and select an icon for the new user from the icon collection.

The player will be automatically stored for you so next time just click on search icon and simply load the user. Add as many users as you wish and click Menu and Start button.

Touch user score to increase/decrease it. The app will add the new value to total score and keep a history.

That's it!

If you are not feeling inspired (or game rules request it) you can randomize the users from randomize user button (on top fifth button).

The last button allow you to randomize users icons.

You can also save the current game(from menu) and load it.

If you want to have the players always ordered by score check the Settings

This App does not require any security permission.

Also, there are NO advertisements and it will remain like that.

We plan to add a lot of new feature. Ideas and suggestions are welcomed.

Please comment and rate.

玩生產應用App|Game Score Keeper免費|APP試玩


玩生產應用App|Game Score Keeper免費|APP試玩

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