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Garden Diary is the app you can keep records of plants and vegetables' growth.

Make plants' list and switch the calendar for each plant so you can keep each one's daily records separately.

Save photos and daily events (watering, weeding etc…). Manage daily and repeated plans for your garden and kitchen garden!

You can set the alarm for important events as well!

Garden Diary Manual

*Initial Window*

Initial Window is Add FlowersVegetables window. The second time and after you open Garden Diary, The initial window is a calendar.

Let's start with making a list of plants!

*How to make a list*

1. Enter the infomation you need and press "Save".

2. Save a photo by tapping camera and plus button.

*How to add more plants on the list*

1. Press "Add" button (plus button) of FlowersVegetable List.

2. Move to Add FlowersVegetables, add more plants in the same way. Press "Back" button of your mobile to save & go back to the calendar.

*How to switch the calendar for each plants or vegetables*

when you go back to the calendar after saving the FlowersVegetables list, reselect the name of the flower or vegetable from FlowersVegetables List.

*How to create Daily To-Do*

1.Tap where it says "Tap here to create Event Lists." or tap Pensil button on the left-bottom of the calendar.

2. Move to "Daily To-Do".

3. Weather and temperature are manual input so tap left button to select weather icon and enter the text in the right dialog box.

4. Add new categories by pressing gray plus button. Long press each icon to edit categories.

玩生活App|Gardening Diary免費|APP試玩

a) Save button: save a new category with this button.

b) Back button: go back to "Daily To-Do".

c) Delete button: delete a category.

5. How to save milk event.

6. Tap one of category icon. Category window appears.

7. Save to-do by tapping each icon!

*How to create Daily Event*

1. Press "Plus" left-bottom button of "Daily To-Do".

2. Move to "Daily Event".

a) Moveup button: Move up the event previouous day or before.

b) Putoff button: Move the event to the next day or after.

c) CheckMark: When you have done the event, press the mark. Check mark will be appeared on the calendar's list.

d) Delete button: Delete the event.

玩生活App|Gardening Diary免費|APP試玩

Press Menu button of Daily Event window. You can set the alarm for the event with "Reminder" button. You can send the event by email with "Email" button.

3. Enter every infomation you need and press "Back" button of your mobile to save the event.

*How to create Repeated List*

1. Press right-bottom button (Plus with arrow) of "Daily To-Do".

2. Move to "Repeated List" window.

3. Press "New".

4. Move to "Repeated Event". Enter the infomation you need and press "Save" button to save the event.

*Buttons of the calendar*

1. Edit button: Move to "Daily To-Do".

2. Today button: Go back to today's date.

3. Left&Right button: Move the date right and left.

4. Graph button: You can see graphs.

5. Photo List button: Move to "Photo" window.

6. Camera button: Take photos or import photos from the album.

*Photo window*

1. Press "Photo List" button of the calendar.

玩生活App|Gardening Diary免費|APP試玩

2. Move to "Photo".

3. Tap one of the photos then move to "Photo Edit".

4. You can save a comment for each photo.

5. Press "Back" button of your mobile to save the comment.

6. Press "Album" button of "Photo".

7. Move to "Album". Turn over the album cover to see the photos.

*How to edit saved photos on the calendar*

1. Tap one of photos that saved on the calendar (You can see small sized photos above of calendar's buttons.).

2. Move to Edit window.

Left-top: Email button→send the photo by email.

Right-top: Twitter button→upload the photo to Twitter.

Left-bottom: Move to Photo Edit window.

Second left-bottom: Rotate left→rotate photo.

Middle: Clipping button: Clip the photo.

玩生活App|Gardening Diary免費|APP試玩

Second right-bottom: Rotate right→rotate photo.

Right-bottom: List button→Move to Photo window.

玩生活App|Gardening Diary免費|APP試玩

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