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Geo Location Send by SMS/Email/skype


-● Steps●-Start GPS - Open application- Click Locate- Click Button SMS or Email -Choose contact -Send

玩通訊App|GeoLocation Pro.免費|APP試玩

-●This Application allows a user to either SMS or eMail/Skype their Geo Location.

-● LAT/LNG coordinates to another phone or email address. Results are provided in a simple

'Google Map' URL so recipients can just tap on the link.

-● Easy to use ,Simple interface, Fast & error free.within 5 second you will send your accurate location.

玩通訊App|GeoLocation Pro.免費|APP試玩




-●SMS/eMail your Location to Friend and Family For Help.

-●SMS/eMail your stranded car location to the Police or Towing Company

玩通訊App|GeoLocation Pro.免費|APP試玩

-●SMS/eMail your calmed Sailboat location to the Coast Guard

-●SMS/eMail your location to the Forestry service

-●SMS/eMail your location for pickup

-●SMS/eMail your location to yourself before leaving your vehicle in a large parking area.

玩通訊App|GeoLocation Pro.免費|APP試玩

-●SMS/eMail your location to your friends; have them join you for dinner.

-●SMS/eMail your location as part of a high-tech hide and seek game.

-●SMS/eMail your location for any reason your imagination can conject.

-●Recipient Has to just Click Link on any internet enabled Device to see Location of sender on Google Map.

-●For PC other way- punch number at the end of link(or Copy & Paste) in google search.

玩通訊App|GeoLocation Pro.免費|APP試玩

For Eg. See screen shot below massage For Google Map URL, so you have to copy paste -12.56484,27.88548 in google search.

玩通訊App|GeoLocation Pro.免費|APP試玩

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