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玩動作App|Get The Balloons免費|APP試玩

Move the Penguin Flick, you take the balloon.

As for this game, a 3-year-old child can also play.

Only for Flick, the play of a game is merely.

How To Play?

If a candy is taken, a penguin will come to move with sufficient energy.

If caught by an enemy, a penguin will become blue and a motion will become late.

Furthermore, time decreases. This is serious!!

Take a clock at such time and increase time.

Advance a stage, getting a heart mark.

How many balloons can be taken? Now, it challenges!!

Thank you.

-- Version History --

1.1.0(Aug 8, 2013)

- Do you take a couple of balloons in 30 seconds limit? Added a time trial game.

- Fix for drawing processing of the screen is slowing.

- Game was to make it easy to just a little bit. Clock is now given time is low.

玩動作App|Get The Balloons免費|APP試玩

- Message from the penguin appears.

- And I fixed a few bugs. :-)

1.0.3(Aug 1, 2013)

- Fixed an issue where the design is broken by display size

1.0.2(Jul 26, 2013)

- Fixed a problem that would update the high scores If you interrupt the game.

- Link Add GooglePlay message to tell.

1.0.1(Jul 19, 2013)

- Change the title image.

1.0.0(Jul 16, 2013)

- First release.


The music, sound effect, and picture which were used in this game are their work. Please visit to a website. Thank you.

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玩動作App|Get The Balloons免費|APP試玩

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玩動作App|Get The Balloons免費|APP試玩

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