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玩娛樂App|Get a life免費|APP試玩

To every real geek has already somebody advised to "Get a life".

As a good geek you are, you must have tried googling to know the procedure to follow to buy a life. Unfortunately, no result : not even a chinese website of illegal lives importations.

The ultimate question then arises but the answer is this time not 42: "How can you get a life ?"

For this reason, to fill this vital need of all the geeks of the planet, I elaborated the answer, the solution, to the ULTIME QUESTION.

玩娛樂App|Get a life免費|APP試玩

So, here is quite freshly brought out of our laboratories this magnificent application which will guarantee that you PAID to get a life (and not with virtual money this time!!!).

If you want, you can by-pass Play Google to get this application free of charge but it would be useless because it would lose all its sense.

WARNING: this application contains nothing else than a certificate giving evidence of the validity of the purchase of your life. No gigantic Mario Mushroom will appear, and you won't bell able to jump into an abyss by shouting "Mama Mia!" and respawning 10 meters behind.

Translated from French.

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