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Giddyology Lover provides basic image editing features. Just pick up the best photo and decorate it with fun giddyology stickers and type some message with various fonts. You can show it off to your friends. *** Top Features *** - Easy touch - Resize fun giddyology stickers easily. - Color filter, Adjustment, Effects, Blur & Focus, Rotate, Crop, Resize. - Add your own text with various fonts. - Share your photos on Facebook, Instagram and e-mail. *** "Giddyology Lover" is easy, add some giddyology stickers to your photos. You can make giddyology photos as you like *** Giddyology Trend ApplicationInspiration & Credit : official website : - - - - - - - SKETCHACTIVE ICONS :

玩攝影App|Giddyology Lover - lite免費|APP試玩

玩攝影App|Giddyology Lover - lite免費|APP試玩

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