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Convenient, extensible popup alerts for new SMS/MMS messages. Would you like to extend the functionality of Glowfly beyond text messages? Be sure to check out our growing selection of plugins and themes! Currently third party plugins are limited by time, resources and of course third party developer cooperation. If there is a third party app you would like to see, please feel free to contact us and let us know.

In order to get Glowfly to work with Google Voice, you will need to set Google Voice text messages to be sent and received within the SMS app. This option is found within the Google Voice mobile app.

**NOTE** - You will need to disable the system sms notifications in order to not receive multiple alerts. Android 4.4 (KitKat) does not allow apps such as Glowfly to mark messages as read.

"An ICS-themed SMS/MMS popup app - sign me up! So far I haven't seen anything even remotely as good-looking, even in the most popular SMS apps out there - they all seem cheesy and all over the place. Well done, Spiderfly Studios!" ~ Android Police

Thank you for your support and all the nice reviews! Reviewing the app helps us out a lot by giving us valuable feedback that lends to future development.


We have listened and always will listen to you. We are working hard to add the features you have requested and to improve the app in all aspects. If you are experiencing any errors with the app, find a possible bug or have questions on a feature, please email us or visit our Facebook/Google+ pages so we can assist you rather than simply leaving a low rating and negative comment. This is the only way we can help resolve any issues you may be experiencing. We cannot respond directly to comments in the Play Store. Thank you!

**TIP** We have now given Glowfly access to other apps. One great use of this is already built into Android. Simply go to your widgets/shortcuts and set a new direct message for a contact. When you click on that shortcut you can choose Glowfly. Doing so will bring up the quick reply window where you can send a quick message.

Key Features:

✔ Android 4.0+ (ICS/JB) compatible.

✔ Scrolling for multiple unread popups with unread count.


✔ Quick replies.

✔ Single lines of text are centered, while multiple lines are left aligned for easier reading.

✔ Contact specific notifications.

✔ MMS pics shown in popup.

✔ Option to display popups over lock screen.


✔ Tablet friendly (SMS functionality required - i.e. Padfone.)

✔ Long press options.

✔ Popup customizations like hiding contact pictures, hiding all buttons and long press options.

✔ Themes and plugins for added functionality.

✔ 100% AWESOME!!!


Coming Soon:

- More plugins and themes to further extend the functionality of Glowfly.

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♥ 50% of all proceeds will be given to a cancer patient in need. Together we can stand up to cancer. Please give the app 5 stars, a great comment/review and share the app with your friends and family.

Special thanks goes to Ioannis Sermetziadis for contributing the excellent programming skills which brought this concept to life.


**REMINDER** - You will need to disable the system sms notifications in order to not receive multiple notifications.

If at any time you have any questions or concerns about any permission the app requires, please feel free to contact us.

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