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玩工具App|Gps Traveler免費|APP試玩

All in one gps application including gps functionality with map, speedometer, compass for travel,cycling,hiking or any other outdoor activity.

With Gps Traveler you can easily record every trip detail and create gpx,kml,csv text files to share with your friends and analyse your trips.

Simply enable Pocket mode and record trips in your pocket without interruption,perfect for long journeys.



• Trip details

玩工具App|Gps Traveler免費|APP試玩


• 7 different maps

• Google Map

• Bing Map - Normal

• Bing Map - Satellite

玩工具App|Gps Traveler免費|APP試玩

• Open Street Map - Cycle Map (Cycle paths and bicycle park places)

• Open Street Map - Public Transport (Bus numbers and routes)

• Cloud Made Map - Pubs,Bars,Taxi,Restaurants,Car Parks

Trip Record (Logging)

• Auto Trip creation and logging.

• All trips are stored in a database and can be easily exported to different formats.

玩工具App|Gps Traveler免費|APP試玩

• Easily create,track every trip.

• Store every detail.

• Trip Time,Speed,average,maximum,current,date,waypoints,address,latitude,longitude.

• Export to SDcard.


玩工具App|Gps Traveler免費|APP試玩

• Satellite information

• Latitude,Longitude

• Average,Maximum and current speed

• Mph,kmph,knots

• Odometer for Total and trip distance with the following measures miles,kilometers,feet,metres.

• Altimeter with the following measures feet and metres.

玩工具App|Gps Traveler免費|APP試玩

• Gps and Sensor Compass

• Location address

• Total and Trip Time

Pocket Mode (Running the app in the background)

• With this easy option you can keep the application running even after your screen is switched off and record every trip detail for long hours.

玩工具App|Gps Traveler免費|APP試玩


Please note that full features are available only in Pro version .

Any problems or suggestions please contact our Dev Team ,we will gladly help you out.

玩工具App|Gps Traveler免費|APP試玩

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