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Introducing Grocery King a freshly reimagined app to help you and your family to easily create and share shopping lists. With Grocery King you can visually create your lists by picking from 100's of photos of everyday items from 24 different categories. The app is so much more than a grocery list app, it is an incredibly intuitive, highly customizable, full-featured grocery app that learns from you. The more you use it the better it gets.

** Note to existing users, if you are having trouble opening lists, please Sign out of your Sync account and Sign back in. **


Why you need this app:


★ Grocery King will save you time, money and effort every time you go out for shopping.

★ 1000's of everyday shopping items built-in with photos, just tap tap tap to add items to your lists.

玩購物App|Grocery King Shopping List免費|APP試玩

★ Highly flexible interface & design to cater to basic as well as power users. Easily make it your own.

★ Share, sync and email lists easily with friends and family instantly for coordinated shopping.

★ Save money by keeping track of items in your pantry/storage. Get reminder alerts before items expiry.

★ Store your loyalty cards, coupons, gift cards within the app. Leave those pesky cards at home.

玩購物App|Grocery King Shopping List免費|APP試玩

★ Never forgets your shopping history, save your store receipt and barcode within the app for easy lookup later.

★ Know exactly when a store is open, get alerted when you are nearby a store, get driving directions or call your store with one click.

★ Sync for life, NO subscription fees to pay yearly.


Top features:

玩購物App|Grocery King Shopping List免費|APP試玩


✔ Create quick shopping lists with option to link to a local retailer. Get retailer store hours, address and phone numbers for 1000's of local retailers near you. Quickly know if a store is open or closed just by glancing at the home screen.

✔ Create Lists with Location Alerts. Grocery king will now alert you if you happen to pass by a retailer on your way. Smart algorithm will only alert you if the shop is currently open or your have pending items on your shopping list.

✔ Sort your lists by distance from the retailer to quickly plan your shopping even before stepping out.

✔ Inventory/Pantry Manager. Keep track of what stock you already have at home and setup expiry alerts.

玩購物App|Grocery King Shopping List免費|APP試玩

✔ Adding items to shopping lists is now simpler than ever. The new quick search not only allows you to speak or type an item and select from a bunch of matches but also to quickly edit the item without ever leaving the search box.

✔ Brand new checkout system that offers you an experience similar to how you would checkout from your retailer/store. Items, prices, discount, tax and total price are all pre-calculated and shown clearly. You can also attach a photo/barcode of a real receipt to look it up later.

✔ New History view stores all your previous shopping history sorted by shopping date along with your receipt and barcode.

✔ Quick and easy way to attach real item photos to an item, never get the wrong item again.

玩購物App|Grocery King Shopping List免費|APP試玩

✔ Unit Price comparison. Now you can compare unit prices between stores so that you know exactly who is selling it cheaper.

✔ All new way to store your Store Loyalty cards, Retailer coupons & Gift cards. Receive alert notification before the cards expire.

✔ Brand new recipe view. Easily create and catalog all your recipes and their ingredients. Quickly know what ingredients you have in stock and also add to the assigned shopping list with one click.

✔ New quicker and more reliable sync mechanism. Easy one step sign-up and easy to remember email and password scheme. Sync is now fully automated but at the same time you have options to perform a forced push or pull.

玩購物App|Grocery King Shopping List免費|APP試玩

✔ Automatic and continuous backup to Cloud. Your data is more secure than ever before.

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玩購物App|Grocery King Shopping List免費|APP試玩

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