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Guitar workstation for composing guitar riffs and solos, encouraging you to experiment and use you creativity. Nail your guitar riffs and solos wherever you are, and experiment and explore new angles as a guitar player.


• a fully replicated six-string electric guitar

• notes tapped are recorded to guitar tabulature

玩音樂App|Guitarcraft - Creative guitar免費|APP試玩

• rythm mode (press record button) to fully form the guitar riff or solo

• playback mode with guitar humanizing up-down stroke logic

• bend, vibrato, chord, open string and palm muting

玩音樂App|Guitarcraft - Creative guitar免費|APP試玩

• metronome and song tempo modification

• guitar amp simulator with high and low gain

• 4 guitar tunings, 6 reverb effects

• quick response, low latency application optimized specificly for the Android platform

玩音樂App|Guitarcraft - Creative guitar免費|APP試玩

Quick start

1. On start screen, create a guitar new riff or guitar solo by tapping the "New" button, then press the "Play" button.

2. Tap all the notes you want in your riff or solo, including bends, vibratos, palm muting, chords and so on. Do not think about the timing in these before step 3.

玩音樂App|Guitarcraft - Creative guitar免費|APP試玩

3. Press the record [•] button. Tap when every note should be played on the guitar.

4. Press the options button (second button in the right corner) to turn on metronome, change tempo, reverb or other options.


• There are two tap modes:

玩音樂App|Guitarcraft - Creative guitar免費|APP試玩



Down only

玩音樂App|Guitarcraft - Creative guitar免費|APP試玩

. Experiment with what works best for you. Normal mode might work better for shredding runs for a guitar solo, and down only better for your riff sometimes. Using index fingers for higher precision.

• Tap the blue area with the guitar tabulature on top of the screen to zoom in when needing to navigate and have a closer look.

• Setting the metronome to


玩音樂App|Guitarcraft - Creative guitar免費|APP試玩

can give you more focus towards being creative (which is good) rather than being precise during recordig.

• Use the +/- button to handle a guitar riff or solo that uses large or small parts of the fretboard.


玩音樂App|Guitarcraft - Creative guitar免費|APP試玩

"Perhaps the best guitar replicator we have seen yet on the Android platform"



"A very well developed app for music lovers."

玩音樂App|Guitarcraft - Creative guitar免費|APP試玩



玩音樂App|Guitarcraft - Creative guitar免費|APP試玩

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