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Want to know about your company's IT infrastructure availability before your end users do?

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If you are already reaping the benefits of HPE SiteScope, the HPE SiteScope Android application is the next logical step for you!

The HPE SiteScope Android application provides a comprehensive solution for SiteScope application owners to manage the availability and performance of business-critical applications using their Android devices. With HPE SiteScope on your Android, you can harness the power of SiteScope wherever you go!

Key Benefits:

玩商業App|HPE SiteScope免費|APP試玩

* Receive Email notifications about problems related to your organization’s monitored applications and take quick corrective action (rerun the monitors, view monitor report, acknowledge alerts, enable/disable associated alerts, view acknowledgement logs).

玩商業App|HPE SiteScope免費|APP試玩

* Review group and monitor states to verify availability issues ahead of time, so you can solve them before they affect your business.

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* Use the search to gain quick access to monitor statistics, and perform actions on the search results to mitigate issues.

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* Create ad hoc reports for monitors, groups and alerts that display how the servers and applications have performed over time.

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* You can perform all these actions from an Android across multiple SiteScopes.


• HPE SiteScope 10.13 (with patch SIS_108 for Linux, SIS_109 for Solaris or SIS_110 for Windows) and later.

• HPE SiteScope 11.2x

• HPE SiteScope 11.3x

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