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Improve accuracy when sizing equipment, demonstrate professionalism on the job, and add substance to your proposals by using our heat loss and heat gain calculation app - HVAC Buddy® Load Calc.

• Database of Company, Customer, and Project information on your device

• Multiple Projects for one Customer

• Project and customer Sorting and Filtering capability

• Establish Project Templates, Copy Projects, utilize Default Project

玩商業App|HVAC Buddy® Load Calc免費|APP試玩

• Quickly View total Heating and Cooling Loads

• Computes Duct Gains and Losses based on design type, duct insulation, tightness

• Allows simultaneous Infiltration and Ventilation

• Multiple Units of Measure, easily switch back and forth

• Heating, Cooling, and Combined charts at Project and Room levels six charts in all

玩商業App|HVAC Buddy® Load Calc免費|APP試玩

• Allows Heating only, Cooling only, or both at Project level as well as individual item overrides

• Email Charts and Project Values

• Outdoor Design Weather Database over 1800 cities included with provision for custom values


HVAC Buddy Load Calc allows you to enter all the construction characteristics relating to heat gains and losses for the purpose of calculating the total building loads for heating and cooling. This app simplifies the process of collecting and recording information for presentation in a meaningful context. For this or any app of this nature you must be familiar with and have knowledge of construction materials and measuring skills to do a load calculation. In other words, the data entered must be good and accurate for meaningful results.

玩商業App|HVAC Buddy® Load Calc免費|APP試玩

Comes with a "Default" project containing all the construction types. Whenever new loads are created they may be copied from the Default project or any other load within the project. Create new Projects by copying from the Default project or create your own template projects to improve efficiency. Project may be filtered by staus - New, Template, Scheduled, or Complete.

Comes with one Example Project in three stages. The first stage "Ex 1 Block" is a simple block load analysis with inefficent ducting. The second stage "Ex 1 Block w/Improved Ducts" shows the improved lower loads resulting from improvements in duct sealing as well as moving to R8 material in the ducts. The third stage "Ex 1 Block w/Rooms" is the same house with room by room loads.

Loads: Above Grade Walls, Basement Walls, Ceilings, Floors, Partition Ceilings, Partition Walls, Doors, Windows, Skylights, Blower Heat, Infiltration, Ventilation, and Internal Gains.

Opening Area Calculation: Calculates and automatically subtracts opening area for walls with attached doors and windows. In addition, if you elect to specify a wall orientation windows associated with the wall can optionally inherit the wall orientation.

Note: Many features are accessed using your device (phone) Menu key.

玩商業App|HVAC Buddy® Load Calc免費|APP試玩

For more screenshots and information visit the website at the link provided.

Documentation covers creating, copying a new project. Please feel free to use the support link to ask any questions on how to use, etc. Your question helps improve future documentation updates.

If you have any problems with the app please email support with information describing the issue so that we may reproduce the problem and correct.

For the fastest response to questions or support there is a support link from within the application or use the support email link from this page.

About Powertrade

玩商業App|HVAC Buddy® Load Calc免費|APP試玩


Powertrade is the number one developer of mobile HVAC apps with professional looking, proven apps in the hands of over 20,000 users worldwide.

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玩商業App|HVAC Buddy® Load Calc免費|APP試玩

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玩商業App|HVAC Buddy® Load Calc免費|APP試玩

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