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玩通訊App|Handcent Font Pack2免費|APP試玩

Font package for handcent sms & other handcent applications

*** DON'T TRY TO LAUNCH IT ***,you need install the package and setup fonts parameters from Handent SMS or other handcent application

How to use additional font package at Handcent SMS?

玩通訊App|Handcent Font Pack2免費|APP試玩

First,Laucn Handcent SMS ,then click "menu" button,choose "Settings" Then "Custom Style",then you can choose "ConversationList Settings" to define fonts at handcent conversation list(main) window or "bubble settings"to define fonts at conversation window

Click "ConversationList Settings" Then Choose "Contact Font",Click "Font Pack" drop down list, And you will see a list,for example: Handcent SMS font pack1,Handcent SMS font pack2,Handcent SMS font pack3,Handcent SMS font pack4,Handcent font pack5...choose one of these packs,if you haven't installed it ,handcent will navigate you to the market and you can install it directly. after you have choosen font pack ,you can choose font at the packs and define the style ,size and so on

玩通訊App|Handcent Font Pack2免費|APP試玩

You also can scan external font pack that you installed and apply them to Handcent SMS by going to "Custom Style" option and "Scan external Font packages"

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