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With offices located in Akaroa, Avonhead, Beckenham, City and Ferrymead, plus dedicated offices focused on Commercial Property, Business Brokerage and Property Management; we are the acknowledged real estate experts across Christchurch.

We are proud of being a leading franchise of Harcourts New Zealand and being consistently acknowledged as the vanguard of the real estate industry. We are generous contributors to the Christchurch community, especially through our involvement in the Harcourts Foundation.

Talk to us first and discover why we are the very best at what we do.

This is an app for internal staff use at Grenadier Real Estate. It is a means of keeping informed with all the happenings at the organisation.

-View a list of staff contacts. Easy one click call/email.

玩商業App|Harcourts Grenadier免費|APP試玩

-View upcoming Events and workshops.

-Receive Alerts for important and timely messages.

玩商業App|Harcourts Grenadier免費|APP試玩

-View upcoming Auctions and Open Homes.

-Use a list of web resources compiled into one easy to use app.

玩商業App|Harcourts Grenadier免費|APP試玩

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