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This app aims to reconnect Harrow School boys with Harrow School, their school friends and other Old Harrovians around the world. On it they can view and maintain contact information, keep up to date with what other members are doing and be informed of association events and related information.

玩商業App|Harrow Association免費|APP試玩

The App includes:

- Instant notifications about Association events and news

- Info and maps detailing local amenities and Harrow cultural landmarks

玩商業App|Harrow Association免費|APP試玩

- A newsletter

- A voicemail service for old boys to voice their school memories and send them in

玩商業App|Harrow Association免費|APP試玩

- A picture gallery to post and browse old boys events

- Contact details for related school clubs and representatives

玩商業App|Harrow Association免費|APP試玩

- A form for users to offer careers support and guidance to present Harrow School boys and recent leavers

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