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The Hart Shaw Tax tools will help to simplify your daily taxes! We are providing you with various free tax tools to support you:

1) A Business Mileage Logger - using the inbuilt GPS functions of your iOS device, this tool can accurately track and record the distance you have travelled and produces a file to email to your accountant.

2) Key Tax Dates Reminders - set yourself reminders for when your key tax dates are - never forget a VAT submission or a Payment On Account again!

3) Expenses logger - log your business expenses as you incur them so that you don't forget to submit them to your accounts department!

4) Several tax calculators - from income tax (and net income tax) to stamp duty to corporation tax. Handy little calculators to help you to estimate taxes due.

5) Plenty of tax tables - so that you can look up tax bands for corporation tax, stamp duty, income tax and much more...

IMPORTANT - the Business Mileage Tool requires the use of GPS. Continued use of GPS in the background can dramatically effect battery life.

玩商業App|Hart Shaw Accountants免費|APP試玩

玩商業App|Hart Shaw Accountants免費|APP試玩

玩商業App|Hart Shaw Accountants免費|APP試玩

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