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玩個人化App|Heart On Fire免費|APP試玩

Heart on Fire wallpaper,

refreshing monsoon season wallpaper looks beautiful on screen,

snow falling with beautiful lighting effects.uses very low battery and very smooth animation,and it can movable to external sd card.

customization options:

Advertisement is added in this version, full version doesn't contain any Advertisement


Users can enable / disable option of snow

* Enable Animation

can disable and enable animation

玩個人化App|Heart On Fire免費|APP試玩

* Enable Snow fall

enable or disable snow on the screen

* snow speed

choose custom snow style with different sizes

choose different directions

choose number of items on the screen

hide or show items on the screen

and more configurations

users to various types of movement speed for the snow

玩個人化App|Heart On Fire免費|APP試玩

used low-battery warning, and very smooth animation, and it can be moved to external SD card.

How to use: Press and hold the Home screen -> Wallpapers - Wallpapers>

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