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Happy St.Valentine day!

I discount the app to 214JPYEN (us$2.29) until Feb ends.

玩攝影App|Heurickr: flickr app免費|APP試玩

(If only this year was a leap year)


Heurickr is Flickr app for android.

It was made for all camera and photos lover.

Heurickr has a better performance, lower bandwidth, and some key features:


玩攝影App|Heurickr: flickr app免費|APP試玩

** with drag&drop interface

** no frustration of screens transition to select photos


玩攝影App|Heurickr: flickr app免費|APP試玩

** Perspactive of recent activities; uploading, comments, and faves from your contacts


** Event is a set which be made by a few steps. It refers a taken date, propagates tags and geotag to others of the set.

玩攝影App|Heurickr: flickr app免費|APP試玩

** For example, you may have uploaded many photos of the day from PC. If only there is one came from smartphone with geotag, you can share geotag to same day's photos.

PhotoStream with EXIF Info

** Presents a view of your photostream with Camera/Settings info.

玩攝影App|Heurickr: flickr app免費|APP試玩

** Easy to comparison for each camera devices and lens.


** takes you close to photos of that day like you pick a date from a calendar

Here is a promotion video. Please check it.

Flickr's Pro account is recommended.

玩攝影App|Heurickr: flickr app免費|APP試玩

For non-Pro accounts, it works but some information will be disappeared.

Later than android 3.0.

Recommendation is later than android 4.0.3.

I've tested on Sony Tablet S and Xperia GX's generation.

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