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玩個人化App|Hipsteria Icon Pack免費|APP試玩

Hipsteria icon pack from Unique Undead for Apex, Holo, Next, Solo, Nova, ADW, Aviate, Themer and Smart launchers.

Icon packs are excellent solutions to further personalize your android device.

Hipsteria adds a '70s feeling or Instagram like effects to your icons.

This pack features 1600+ selected icons for ~3000 activities.

Buy, try, enjoy (or refund :P)

If you are interested in theming your device, we are offering numerous icon packs and icon changers, check out our application store. Our icon packs contain thousands of selected icons with a large list of connected activities, thus most of the changes are made automatically but you still have the option to manually change one of your icons without applying a whole pack.

Our icon changers don't need such database, because the change is applied on all of your icons fully automatically.

We currently support ADW, Apex, Aviate and Nova theming with all of our icon packs and changers, with additional support in some packs for Themer and GO (each description contains the list of the supported launchers).

To apply the pack, you need to use one of the following compatible launchers:


1. Open ADW Config

2. Click on ADWSettings

3. Click on Themes

4. Select the desired icon pack

5. Apply

Apex Launcher:

1. Open Apex Settings

2. Click on Theme settings

3. Select the desired icon pack

4. Apply


1. Go to Spaces

2. Click on Settings

3. Click on Icon pack

4. Select the desired icon pack

GO Launcher EX:

1. Open GO Themes

2. Click on Installed

3. Select the desired icon pack

4. Apply

Nova Launcher:

1. Open Nova Settings

2. Click on Look and feel

3. Click on Icon Theme

4. Select the desired icon pack


1. Open Themer Settings

2. Click on Manage App Drawer

3. Click on Set Icon Pack

4. Select the desired icon pack

玩個人化App|Hipsteria Icon Pack免費|APP試玩

Holo Launcher:

1. Launcher settings

2. Click on Appearance Settings

3. Click on Icon pack

4. Select the desired icon pack

Smart Launcher 2:

1. Menu

2. Preferences

2. Click on Settings icon next to Theme

3. Click on Icon pack in the DRAWER group

4. Select the desired icon pack

Next Launcher 3D:

1. Menu

2. Click on Theme

3. Click on Installed

4. Select the desired icon pack

5. Apply

Solo Launcher:

1. Solo Settings

2. Click on Appearance

3. Click on Solo Themes

4. Click on Installed

5. Select the desired icon pack

6. Apply

For more help, check out our tutorial videos on youtube:

Applying a whole pack:


Change one specific icon:


All feedbacks are welcome, contact us at [email protected].

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Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/uniqueundead

Google+: https://plus.google.com/+Uniqueundead

Thank you for your support and We hope that you'll be pleased with Hipsteria Icon Pack !

玩個人化App|Hipsteria Icon Pack免費|APP試玩

Please note that the background is not included. Original icon image is from shootcase.

玩個人化App|Hipsteria Icon Pack免費|APP試玩

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