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Every place has a story – many stories, in fact. Ever wondered what it would be like to wander through an area listening to those stories and experiences, told to you by the very people who have lived them?

To find out, visit the Riverside House bridge on Wharfe Approach (LS1 4GH) and run the app!

Holbeck Audiowalk builds upon Simon Bradley’s recent MA dissertation, ‘Identities of place and community: an audio walk of Holbeck, Leeds’, which was based on interviews with 20 residents, planners and developers during 2010. Currently, the walk is being developed and extended as part of an AHRC-funded PhD project with Huddersfield University, exploring the implications of the converging fields of locative/pervasive media, GPS and augmented reality in relation to the presentation of oral history.

This version is implemented with prototypical elements of Phil Legard's LOAM platform, a free platform for delivering oral history and sonic art via mobile media.

For more information: http://www.holbeckaudiowalk.org/

玩教育App|Holbeck Audio Walk免費|APP試玩

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