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The vision of Hope Community Church is to build lives through our efforts of bringing the gospel message of hope to the men and women of this region; and to deposit into their lives enriching models of faith and success.

We endeavor to create an atmosphere of cooperation and unity among our members where the primary focus is on the needs of those who GOD has called us to serve.

We will strive to communicate to every person that the primary need of our day is to pray and it is the only effective weapon against demonic agitation and interference's in our lives and the lives of others around us.

We envision the elimination of our ministries liabilities and a release of the anointing of prosperity over each person that is in covenant with us.

Connect with Hope Community Church like never before!

-Sermons on demand

-Listen to Gospel Music

玩生活App|Hope Community Church免費|APP試玩

-One touch call & directions

-View and attend special events

-Post on our prayer wall

玩生活App|Hope Community Church免費|APP試玩

-plus much, much more!

玩生活App|Hope Community Church免費|APP試玩

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