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玩醫療App|Hypertension Treatment JNC 8免費|APP試玩

Medications with dosing added to a the practical tool to help guide treatment of Hypertension based on latest JNC 8, 2014 Guidelines.

Just put age, and BP settings as well as check whether Diabetes or Kidney Disease is present or not and the tool guides through the treatment options.

玩醫療App|Hypertension Treatment JNC 8免費|APP試玩

Up-to-date tool for evidence based management of hypertension (elevated blood pressure).

Treatment medications with dosing added.

玩醫療App|Hypertension Treatment JNC 8免費|APP試玩

Great tool for treatment of high blood pressure.

Disclaimer: Developer carries no liability for medical decisions made by users of this application.

玩醫療App|Hypertension Treatment JNC 8免費|APP試玩

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玩醫療App|Hypertension Treatment JNC 8免費|APP試玩

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玩醫療App|Hypertension Treatment JNC 8免費|APP試玩

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玩醫療App|Hypertension Treatment JNC 8免費|APP試玩

Disclaimer: The developer is not liable for any decisions made by users of these applications.

玩醫療App|Hypertension Treatment JNC 8免費|APP試玩

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