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One of the most important events that ICNA holds annually is the convention. It is one of the most important tools for educating, nurturing, and developing individuals, groups, and societies.

The Annual ICNA Convention was developed with Tarbiya in mind. Tarbiya is an Arabic term that refers to the process of educating, nurturing, and developing individuals, groups, and societies. Tarbiya is a continuous positive influence that leads to growth in all aspects—intellectual, spiritual, and physical—and the development of skills, talents, and abilities. Tarbiya is the hallmark of the ICNA model. It is our focus on Tarbiya that makes us truly unique.

Each aspect of the convention focuses on developing the individual in order to create a more excellent society. In keeping with this one-of-a-kind philosophy, the ICNA Convention also has several unique aspects:

• Real Diversity:

Attendance at ICNA Conventions represents a true cross-section of our Muslim American community. Muslims of all different ages, ethnicities, and opinions come together to share, to learn, and to grow with their fellow Muslim Americans.

• An Enriching Event for the Whole Family:

The ICNA Convention has a specifically-designed, meticulously-prepared program for every age group. This year the convention has full Babysitting, School, Young Youth, Youth, and Main Program. From newborns to the elderly, every attendee will find a program tailored to their specific needs and interests.

• Powerful Programming

Each ICNA Convention has a powerful line-up of world-renowned Muslim Scholars, Speakers, and Entertainers. Innovative programs and sessions allow attendees to gain the maximum benefit from our high-profile guests.

• True Islamic Spirit and Environment

Our Convention organizers aim not only to put on a strong program but also to create a wholesome Islamic environment that gives attendees both a sense of peace and a renewed sense of purpose and Muslim pride.

玩商業App|ICNA-MAS Convention 2013免費|APP試玩

The theme of last year’s convention, ICNA Convention 2011, “Muhammad: Model of Faith, Justice and Liberty”, was chosen to reflect on the position of the Prophet Mohammad’s (PBUH) as humanity’s most excellent role model. The blessed life of Muhammad (S) and his noble character continue to challenge the minds of the deep thinkers, to move the hearts of the sincere worshippers, and to inspire the passions of the serious activists toward the betterment of society. This is because Muhammad (S) embodied God’s words of guidance in the Quran. It has been ordained that Muhammad’s (S) example will endure until the Day of Judgment. His example will never be obsolete or irrelevant.

For the duration of the conference, attendees of all ages had the opportunity to live with the Holy Prophet (S) through lectures, educational courses, discussions, and entertainment segments. Together we will explore the different aspects of Muhammad’s (S) life—from his far-reaching civil injunctions to his loving care for his wives and children. Together we learnt the power, the depth, and the sheer genius of his example. It is our hope that this journey will instill within us a renewed capacity to explore, to pursue, and to relish the excellence of Prophet Muhammad, our model of Faith, Justice and Liberty for all time.

Official mobile app of the convention has the following functionality:

- Schedule with ability to create personal notifications

- Exhibitor list with detailed info

- Sponsor list with detailed info

- Speakers list with detailed info

- Map with routing functionality

- Twitter

- YouTube channel

- Registration form

玩商業App|ICNA-MAS Convention 2013免費|APP試玩

- Info about event

玩商業App|ICNA-MAS Convention 2013免費|APP試玩

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