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Unitron will be hosting Ignite 2014. This year the agenda for Ignite will be a bit different. For the first time Ignite will not focus on a new product but rather this is an opportunity to strengthen our sales approach and embrace our partnering for in-clinic success focus. Our focus:

• Bringing our strategy to market – the importance of sales focus and discipline

• Reinforcing our “Why Unitron” story – products, tools & services for in-clinic success

玩書籍App|Ignite 2014免費|APP試玩

• Sharing sales best practice sharing

• How culture supports our strategy

• Celebrating successes & 50 years!

The Ignite 2014 Mobile App will help attendees organize a personalized schedule of events they are attending, familiarize themselves with speakers and session topics, view maps of the venue, connect with colleagues and much more!

Note: Ignite 2014 Mobile App is intended for participants of the 2014 Ignite event only. Login information will be provided by Unitron.

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