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Easily print images using Android's new native printing support from older apps that do not yet support printing!

Image View & Print allows you to print images from any Android application that allows you to share images with other applications.

To print an image, simply:

1a) Install the Android printer drivers for your printer manufacturer from the app store. Most of the major printer manufacturers, such as HP and Canon, have printer drivers available.


1b) Install and configure Google Cloud Print if native drivers are not yet available for your printer.

2) Enable Printing from the Android Settings menu. This will find and configure your printer.

玩媒體與影片App|Image View & Print - Ad Free免費|APP試玩

3) Go to an application with the image you want to print.

4) Bring up the Share or Send menu for the image and select "View and Print Image".

5) Click Print. That's it!


1) Add printing functionality to older apps that don't yet support Kit-Kat's native printing feature.

2) Currently supports JPG, GIF, and PNG image formats.

3) Allows images to be printed in landscape or portrait mode, on a number of different page sizes.

4) Handles auto-scaling of image to ensure image fits on selected page type.

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