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Powered by OOSA• 3 multimedia sharing technology and meticulously designed for education and business, IncStage Presenter allows you to create and edit presentation slides easily, and interactively shares them with others.


Quickly create & present PPT slides

玩商業App|IncStage Presenter (Full)免費|APP試玩

Support import and export file formats in PPT, PDF, JPG

Powerful and intelligent editor for PPTs

玩商業App|IncStage Presenter (Full)免費|APP試玩

Create canvas, shapes, text, images, videos and other multimedia objects

玩商業App|IncStage Presenter (Full)免費|APP試玩

Edit, transform and format objects, such as dragging to resize objects, spinning, or adding levels or shadow effects, etc

Collaborate, interact & share

玩商業App|IncStage Presenter (Full)免費|APP試玩

A complete set of practical & intuitive annotation tools for more vivid, interactive presentations

玩商業App|IncStage Presenter (Full)免費|APP試玩

Support interactively sharing of slides between multiple devices with 3 steps

Action history management

玩商業App|IncStage Presenter (Full)免費|APP試玩

Automatically save actions after content changes and manage each action freely

Recommend and share files

玩商業App|IncStage Presenter (Full)免費|APP試玩

Seamlessly share files with various mainstream apps such as Weibo or Wechat

Support multiple resolutions

Fully compatible with multiple resolutions of tablets and mobile phones, such as 2048*1536, 1280*2048, 1024*600, 1024*768, 800*600, 800*480

*The OOSIC Technology OOSA·3 sharing technology refers to "Share anything @ anytime & anywhere". OOSA·3 is a wireless & interactive sharing technology that emphasizes on interactively transferring and processing operations under complex scenarios including multi-node, multiple content types and multiple transferring methods.

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