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Original journalistic work of local and regional interest relating to progressive politics, culture, and news events in Central NY.

Who wants to be a citizen journalist in CNY and contribute to a joint blog/website for progressive politics, culture, and news and events? Looking for writers, photographers, videographers to be part of a collective. Sorry no money for paying anyone for their work, not yet anyway, let’s see what we can do together? Lot’s of people think we have a media crisis in CNY – see the lack of coverage of the most recent General Election in Syracuse, particularly the mayoral race.

Ideas for campaigns, beats, and topics:

Common Council meetings, live-streaming, videotaping and reporting.

Campaign against Anonymous Online commenting at news source websites.

Urban Jobs Task Force vs. COR

玩新聞App|Independent Media CNY免費|APP試玩

Your ideas. What is not being covered and should be? What is getting one-sided coverage by conservative media?


Weekly postings of new/original articles.

Diverse perspectives from numerous cultural, racial. economic backgrounds.

玩新聞App|Independent Media CNY免費|APP試玩

Collective ownership/management of Indy Media CNY.

Collective Twitter stream for dispersed real time reporting of events.

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