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玩漫畫App|Indian Fairy Stories免費|APP試玩

A fairy tale, also known as a short story, takes farfetched events that include fairies, witches, elves and other magical creatures into a story line. Many of the events also have evil characters trying to outsmart good-hearted characters to achieve some goal. Some of the plots may include ideas such as controlling a kingdom or taking over the world.

Many fairy tales have some origin within history. As the events are written into a storyline, it may develop more variations of the original tale. As time passes, the story can embellish the more times it is told.

Often times there are dark elements in the fable. This may include evil witches, wicked stepparents and other mythical creatures. Generally each adventure has some dark tale that turns into a happily ever after moment. Most of the tales have some hero/heroine that battles to evildoer and wins.

Children and adults are the target for these types of tales. As time continued on, the stories have become more of a moral lesson for children. The adventures are to make a child rethink about how one should deal with certain situations and different types of people.

The end of the story will be where the good overcomes the evil with a moral lesson learned.

This app contains some of the famous fairy tales of India.


• Offline Reading;

• No Internet access required

玩漫畫App|Indian Fairy Stories免費|APP試玩

• Extensive library of short Stories

• Beautifully designed and Easy-to-use interface

• Regular updates and additions of new stories

玩漫畫App|Indian Fairy Stories免費|APP試玩

• These stories are from some of the greatest authors of all time.

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